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Leeds Wedding Magician

As you’ve just Googled Leeds Wedding Magician, you’re clearly planning some special entertainment for your upcoming wedding in Leeds.

You may be organising for yourself, for a family member or a close friend.

Whichever ever you are, booking a Leeds wedding magician is a great way to make sure the bride, groom and guests have an extra-special day.

They do this in so many ways and that’s why they are one of the most popular wedding entertainment choices.

Wedding Entertainment Leeds

Now, there are lots of options for wedding entertainment in Leeds. For example, musicians, singers and caricaturists.

These are great choices. In fact, if your budget will allow, I’d suggest you book one of these AND a magician.

So, you’re probably asking, well why should I book a magician instead of one of the other options?

Magician for Wedding in Leeds

Let’s look at what do magicians offer at a  wedding.

Well, First, as everybody gathers for the wedding and waits for the couple to arrive, a wedding magician can perform stroll around magic. This brings families and friends together.

Of course, the immediate family will almost certainly have already met. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends probably won’t have.

A wedding magician can perform tricks to small groups of people. We don’t just show guests tricks, though. We engage with them. More importantly, we help them to engage with each other.

We bring them together and giving them something to talk about. A perfect way to break the ice.


strolling magic. Ideas for a Leeds wedding magician

There’s More…

Second, a wedding magician can entertain your guests while the bride and groom are having the wedding photos taken.

This is an important part of the wedding day. Photographers deserve to be given the time it takes to do a professional job.

Unfortunately, there is usually not much for guests to do. Even worse, the couple often feel uncomfortable that their guests are being kept waiting.

A wedding magician allows the couple to focus on looking great in their photos. They can relax knowing their guests are having a great time.

And More…

Third, at many weddings there is a slow period between the wedding dinner and the start of the dancing in the evening.

This is an excellent time to have a wedding magician stroll around and show tricks. Keeping the guests entertained makes the waiting time seem much shorter.


wedding magician Leeds entertiains all ages


Leeds Magician

But there’s something more your Leeds magician provides that the other entertainers don’t.

Unlike the others magic, is highly interactive. Your guests don’t passively watch the performers. They become part of the entertainment. And that’s one reason why the experience is so memorable.

manchester wedding reactions


They may well have seen magicians on TV or even at a  stage show. But isn’t there always the suspicion that the magic has ben created by camera trickery or with the aid f an accomplice in the audience.

When it happens right their own hands your guests know that what they are seeing has  not been fixed.

The playing card changes in their own hands. The magician reads their mind.

That’s when they experience astonishment they will talk about for  a long time.

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I am an experienced professional magician who works right across the North West. I specialise in magic at special social functions such as weddings.

Watch my many fantastic video testimonials and you know you can book with confidence.

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