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You’ve just Googled ‘Magician’ or ‘Manchester Magician’ and are wondering whether magic is right for your party.

There are many advantages to booking a magician to entertain at your event.

A magician can entertain your guests from the very beginning. Our magic provides a fantastic icebreaker to help warm people up and get people chatting to each other.

An experienced magician can provide appropriate magical entertainment for guests of every age and background. So, you can be sure that everyone will be entertained and nobody left out.

Magic, especially close-up magic, is a very interactive experience. Your guests aren’t passively watching an entertainer but become part of the entertainment.

They pick playing cards; hold coins; make choices and have their minds read. There’s plenty for them to do.

This helps make any lulls in the party (eg between a wedding breakfast the first dance) pass quickly. Your guests don’t become bored.

Magic creates strong emotional responses like laughter and wonder. Your magician will make sure that everyone leaves talking about your event for a long time to come.

If you’re thinking about booking a magician for a wedding, then just click HERE to read about the many ways a magician can transform your guests’ wedding day experience.

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Manchester Magician

A Google search of Manchester Magician will deliver many choices. How do you pick one you can trust not to let you down in front of everybody?

Here’s why you can book me with confidence.

Outstanding Reviews For This Manchester Magician

~100% 5 Star Ratings from Bark

~100% 5 Star Ratings from Google

~100% 5 Star Ratings from Add to Event

One of the biggest problems you have when booking a magician is knowing whether you can rely on them to ‘deliver the goods’.

You want your event to be a total success

After all, that’s why you’re bothering to book a magician in the first place.

But how do you choose one magician from another? 

Just look at the reviews. 

Let’s face it, we only leave reviews when we are very happy or angry- with a service. 

So, when people are leaving five star reviews then they obviously felt delighted with their choice and want others to know it.

I have over 50 written reviews: all 5 stars. 

Nothing less.

You can book me and be sure that you haven’t picked a duffer.

Which means you have one less thing to worry about.  

And you can watch video testimonials HERE.

Member of The Magic Circle So You Know Your Guests Are Going To See Top Quality Magic From Manchester Magician Magic Frank

You don’t simply pay a membership fee and join the Magic Circle. 

You have to pass a rigorous audition before other magicians.

Membership shows that the magician has reached a high standard. 

It also shows they have enough confidence in their abilities to ‘put themselves on the line’ and perform in front of their peers.

It also shows a professional attitude to what they do, by taking the equivalent of ‘magic exams’. 

This is the standard your guests deserve.

This Manchetser Magician Is Fully Insured…Just In Case Some Wine Is Spilt!

Accidents can happen. I have never knocked red wine over a cocktail dress yet.

If that catastrophe were to happen, I am fully insured to have the dress professionally cleaned. 

cheaper magician may not have insurance. 

So, imagine if they split a drink over a dress. Or damaged a borrowed item such as a watch or diamond ring

Yes, the problem is between the magician and the guest…but it would be highly embarrassing for you.

Especially if they could only offer to lay it off at a pound a week! 

Only One Booking Made Per Day, So No Need To Leave If The Event Runs Late

Celebrations rarely run according to schedule. Especially where food is being served.

If a magician takes more than one booking per day (often because they are charging a lower rate) they would need to abandon yours to get to the next booking. 

That won’t happen with me. 

You would be my only booking

I can stay with you for as long as necessary.

DBS: no safeguarding worries if there are children or vulnerable adults

wedding magician manchester entertiains all ages


DBS means I have a clean criminal record.  This one speaks for itself.

Booking a magician with a DBS means

a) they are professional enough to understand why they should have one


b) that you care enoughabout your guests’ welfare to require one.


As Much Consultation Time With Manchester Magician Magic Frank As You Need Before The Party

We can spend as long as you like arranging and rearranging things as the plans develop.


So, that’s why I am a a sought after magician that you can book with confdence..and then relax.


Wedding Magician Near Me

If you’ve just Googled ‘Wedding Magician Near Me’ and found my website, then we both live in the North-West, probably in or around Greater Manchester. In other words, I am a local magician and would love to come and entertain your family and friends.

If you live within about a 90 minutes’ drive from M16, then my prices include travel.

Don’t worry If you’re further afield. I’d still love you to book me. Just ask for a quote and I will adjust it slightly to include the additional mileage.


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