Another Side to Magic Frank


My Kerouac Tattoo


Work Related Side…

  • I taught in Colombia for three years. At the time it was ‘the most dangerous country on Earth not at war.’ Nobody bothered to tell me that until I arrived! In fact, I had a fantastic -and safe- time. I’m really glad to see it is now becoming a popular tourist destination.
  • After we married my wife and I taught in Jordan for two years.
  • I have a Masters in Education from The University of Manchester.
  • Worked as an advanced skills teacher, educational consultant and Principal examiner for IGCSE.
  • Work as a TV supporting artist and have appeared in COBRA and Cold Feet amongst other productions.
  • Became interested in learning magic after watching my wife show a trick to some children in India.

Personal Related Side…

  • One of my favourite pastimes is reading. I am working on a project that involves reading one book by every author in The Rough Guide to Cult Fiction.
  • Browsing a stationery catalogue or store is my idea of relaxation. Is there a word for a stationery addict?
  • I have four tattoos including an image of Jack Kerouac (I did mention my love of reading?) and an Enso, from Zen Buddhism.
  • I love travelling, preferably light. A small backpack (I HATE carrying things in my hands), guide and phrase book is always my first choice.
  • One of my hobbies is cycling. After we completed our contracts, my wife and I cycled back from Jordan as far as Greece. We had intended to make it all the way to England but our bikes were stolen.
  • Swede and baked potatoes are my favourite food. I thinks its my Irish heritage.


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