Magic in abundance for me this weekend.

Coin Bends Magically

There was magic in abundance for me this weekend.

Anniversary Celebrations

On Saturday I was in Leeds performing close up magic for Steve and Janet. They had taken over a local restaurant, The Nest, for the evening.

I moved from table to table sharing card tricks and mind-reading demonstrations with their family and friends.

Towards the end I performed some special magic for Janet and Steve. This included some tricks with a marriage theme and concluded with a chosen card appearing in a lime. This is fast becoming my most popular piece of magic.

You can watch what they said afterwards here.

Afternoon Entertainment

Sunday was a more local affair, over in Sale. It was Ethan’s birthday and he is a fan of card tricks. As a birthday present, I commissioned a pack of cards to be printed especially for him. They had his name on the back with an image of a magician.

I began the afternoon by teaching him a magic lesson. So, he now has something to go away, practise and then amaze his friends.

Once his friends arrived I took over one end of the living room and shared my parlour show. It’s a mixture  of mind reading and comedy magic. There was lots of audience involvement. I was impressed with the speed of the youngster’s arithmetic when we did some mind-reading involving numbers at one point.

Then, over Pizza, I performed close up magic.

Once again, the card in lime was very popular.

They also enjoyed the moment when first, a coin bent while one of the children held it in his fist. Then, the coin moved magically from my fist to the middle of three wallets nestled inside each other.


If you are holding a celebration and want to make this one a little bit different, contact me to find out how I can add magic to the event for you and your guests.