At first I was afraid…

I was petrified

As the song goes.

And for many, starting to use Zoom was, shall we say, a tad intimidating.

Connor McGregor looking intimidating

                                                   I was petrified

Then, we got used to it and suddenly we’re loving it.
Man celebrating at a laptop

                                                   I Love Zooming

But now, after all these lockdown months of Zooming family and friends…what’s left to talk about?

“So, what have you been up to?”

“Ironed my socks.”

How long 40 minutes can seem when,12 months on,you are hunting for fresh conversation with the people we love and care for!

Man looking Bored

Ever felt like…
Woman drinkig under a table
It’s simple to end this internet boredom. Just book my online, interactive show. It’s about 45 minutes long and costs just £70. Why end the meeting feeling like this:
sad man crying
When with magic you could feel like this 😉
Woman faking orgasam