Magic Frank at The Chancers’ Cabaret

Magician at microphone with predicted card

Magic Frank and the Interzone


Most of my work is close-up at parties, receptions and other social gatherings. Recently, I have had the opportunity to do more stage work. I have already written about the lecture demonstrations I have given to various WI groups around Manchester.

A couple of weeks ago I was delighted to have the opportunity to perform at the Chancers Cabaret in the Carlton Club in Whalley Range.

It was only a 15-minute slot. My theme was the exploration of the interzone where the predicable and the unpredictable meet.

Predicting the Unpredictable

Magician Mind-Reader Prediction Nightclub

There is always lots of audience involvement with Magic Frank Farrell

I began with a random number generated by two members of the audience. I predicted what they would pick (I was only one number out). The amazing thing was that by adding some decimal points to the number the audience generated (7318) we arrived at the date 7.3.18

Next, we generated an incredible coincidence where a member of the audience freely selected a date that was important to them. In my diary there was the name of a playing card written for every day in the year. Before they even opened the diary, I withdrew a jumbo-sized playing card from my coat pocket. When the audience member checked the date they had chosen in the diary, it had the same playing card written on it. The other dates on the page had the names of different playing cards written on them.

Next the several members of the audience decided on a card from the pack between them. One picked the number; another the colour and a third the suit. I showed how I had predicted the card they would create between them.

Finally, I turned matters over to two members of the audience. Each guest picked a card from a pack of 52 different playing cards. They were given the opportunity to change their mind…and one did.  When they turned them over them they were the same card.

I had a great night and am grateful for the warm welcome from the audience. Many came up during the interval  for a chat.

I really enjoy this type of mental exploration and working for a larger audience is a great opportunity to present a different type of magic. I still love close up, too, of course and am already looking forward to my next engagement at a birthday party in Stockport. 

Magic Frank Farrell performs outstanding magic and mind reading across the north West. You can find out more about him here.