Harry Potter at The Printworks

Colin Creevey Hugh Mitchell

Colin Creevey Meets Magic Frank

I had a fantastic time performing at the Harry Potter Convention at the The Printworks in Manchester last weekend.

The official name for the convention was Driagacon. About 3500 people attended over the two days. There was a host of actors, activities, exhibits, stalls, music and, of course, MAGIC.

I was in the Bierkeller. I performed my comedy magic and mind-reading show in between Q+A sessions with actors from the films. So, Afsha Nazad ((Padma Patil), Louis Cordice (Blaise Zabini), Hugh Mitchell (Colin Creevey), Jon Camping (THE Death Eater) and Nick Moran (Scabbior the Snatcher) all got to meet me 😉

The actors told interesting stories about making the films. Jon and Nick, being more experienced, regaled us with great yarns from their careers outside of HP, too.

A couple of the actors were delayed. I ‘warmed up’ the audience with some impromptu magic until they arrived. I also performed close up to some of the people queuing for other attractions. One of the best ways to make waiting feel shorter is to occupy people in some way eg a mirror outside a lift door. A reason why a wedding magician is so helpful is s/he helps pass the time while the official photos are taken.

Close Up Show to Finish

After the final show on Saturday evening a small group stayed behind and I performed some close up magic for them.

A fantastic weekend.