Fastest Re-Booking in the (North) West!

magician guest red nose

The groom was so happy he re-booked the same night

Well, last weekend I had an unusual experience of ‘repeat business’. Obviously, we all enjoy a re-booking as it’s a sure sign the client enjoyed our work and received value for money.

On Friday I had the quickest re-booking in my career! I had spent the evening at the Victorian Warehouse in Manchester, entertaining Graham and Jess’ wedding guests. They were a fantastic crowd. Graham and Jess are clearly very popular and well-loved: the guests had come from all over the UK and some were even from New Zealand.

Anyway, I completed my booking. In fact, I decided to work on for a while longer because the guests were so receptive. 
I had been gone about 15 minutes when I received a call on my mobile. One of the guests explained that a group of them had asked  Graham to book me for another hour.

So, back I went.

As the guests clearly enjoyed magic, I had the opportunity to perform things that were a little more involved and time-consuming than the more quickfire material we use when trying to see a lot of people in a short space of time.

I started at 8 pm and didn’t leave until 1 am. My deck of cards was well and truly worn out by the end and I’ve lost count of the number of coins that were bent between people’s hands. My idea of a great night’s work.

About the Author: Frank Farrell is a close up magician and mind reader. He specializes in magic for social gatherings. He also gives entertaining lecture demonstrations on the power of the mind.