Magic Frank in the San Blas Islands


The next stage of our tour was to cross from Colombia to Panama. The most important point here was to avoid travelling overland through Darien Gap as it is notorious for crime. So, we took the opportunity to join San Blas Adventures and sail for four days, staying at islands along the way.

Well, I think Sheila and I shifted the age profile, with most of the other travelers being somewhere between 25-30. We could well imagine them groaning inwardly at the prospect of a pair of old codgers coming along and spoiling the party atmosphere!

So, of course we needed to settle them right on that score. So, first off we won the canoe race between islands…easily. So, that showed at least we weren’t decrepit.

I think we held our own when it came to the rum drinking, too.

There was an extended game of ‘killer’ during the trip. Sheila excelled at this. At one point she somehow had to manage to kill Connor by giving him a coconut at the breakfast table. In this way he would be ‘killed’ and out of the game. The problem was that Sheila had inherited this task from her previous victim…who had failed in her attempt to bump Connor off. So, he not only knew who would be trying to kill him, but also how.

It seemed impossible. However, Sheila contrived to ‘trip over’, throwing coffee all over herself. She lay on the sand groaning and struggling to arise.

Connor, ever the gentleman, rushed over to aid her. “Just hold these a moment,” she said, offering the coffee cup and coconut, “ and I think I can manage.” He obliged…only to see her spring to her feet and declare he was dead.

Yours truly managed to entertain with some magic. Amy took some great footage, but just a bit truncated. I might turn it into a gif.

A t the end of the trip a couple of the others told they were really glad to have met us because it showed that “You can still have adventures even when you are elderly”

Well, it was meant kindly.

Next stop Costa Rica.

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