What’s New in Magic? The Secret Room

Magic Frank an entertain your guests in the Secret Room

The Secret Room is the latest way to entertain your party guests with magic by Frank

What is The Secret Room?

The Secret Room is an interesting alternative to strolling close-up and strolling magic.

This is the latest development in magical presentation. It’s ideal for people wanting to throw a party that is just that little bit different.  Afterwards guests will be telling all their friends about the special event that happened at your party.

How Does It Work?

A private room is picked as The Secret Room. It doesn’t have to be spacious: a bedroom will do. During the party, small groups of guests are invited to enter The Secret Room and discover its secret. The guests are not told what they will find in the Secret Room. This builds excitement, anticipation and curiosity.

At their allocated time, a small group of guests (Between 4-8 depending on the number of guests/size of the room) enter the Secret Room. They discover a magician waiting for them inside.

They then receive a 10-15 minute close up magic show just for them. Due to the controlled conditions and lack of interruption, the show can contain magic tricks that would not normally be ideal to perform when strolling among the guests in the party. It’s like a mini magic theater set up in the party venue.

After the show, the guests are asked to keep the secret, and not tell anyone about what they found inside the room. That’s great fun for the audience, creates a buzz and a surprise for the rest of the guests as they wait their turn.

Would you like to offer your guests something that will make your party stand out from the rest? Would you like them to experience exciting magic and mind-reading in an intimate environment?  Then call Frank now for a free quote and a no quibble money back guarantee.