Lockdown Is Ending…

..and it’s time to face the challenges of the post lockdown landscape.
For me, it’s how do I perform my type of Magic So Close Up You Can See The Whites of Their Eyes… and yet maintain social distance?
The answer is simple:
I don’t.
Instead I offer two alternative services. An old favourite and a ‘Johnny come lately’.
Trusty Favourite: The Magic Show. Basically, I take over one end of a room or the garden as a stage. Everyone gathers around with a drink (the drunker they are the better I seem, is my motto) and enjoys a 45 minute magic show filled with magic and mind-reading. There’s lots of audience involvement and laughter.


not every host wants to bring the entire proceedings to halt…
….even for me!
So (drum roll) Ta Da.

Enter The Mini Show


This is series of mini shows repeated during the event. Each one lasts about 20 minutes. A notice board announces at the times I will perform. Small groups gather aound my table and enjoy a mini show of magic and mind-reading.
Watch it once, come back for more (the shows will be different) or give it a miss altoghether (you mad fool, you): the choice is entirely up to the guests.
They say necessity is the mother of invention and that was certainly the case here.
Until next time,
PS: What’s the connection between this Gif and my magic? They both make you feel warm and smiley.