Did You Know That…

Did You Know That If  You Book A Magician…

Did You Know That If  You Book A Magician….

1.    Your guests can tell the people you didn’t invite what an amazing party they missed. Fantastic opportunity to sow the seeds of envy and discord.

2.    The guests who are too drunk to join in the dancing without falling over and smashing up your brand-new designer furniture, can be safely kept entertained in a corner.

3.    You won’t be tripping over the children…and smashing up your brand-new designer furniture.

4.    You gain major bragging rights as your guests gush over the extra mile you have gone by booking a magician.


You can ignore the guests you can’t stand but had to invite because they are good friends of your partner. Leave them to the magician.


Frank’s magic is so enjoyable it’s like having a good scratch while lying in on a Sunday Morning.
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