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Did You Know That If  You Book A Magician…. 1.    Your guests can tell the people you didn’t invite what an amazing party they missed. Fantastic opportunity to sow the seeds of envy and discord. 2.    The guests who are too drunk to join in the dancing without falling over and smashing up your brand-new designer furniture, can be safely kept entertained in a corner. 3.    You won’t be tripping over the children…and smashing up your brand-new designer furniture. 4.    You gain major bragging rights as your guests gush

Here are some handy tips to ensure you squeeze every last drop value out of the magician.     Actually, Why Bother? First, do you really need a magician at all? Most families have some saddo uncle who can pull a coin for behind an ear. Surely that’s enough. Let’s face, most of the guests will be legless within half an hour of the bar opening. They would be fooled by anybody who was less drunk -not that difficult- than

  I read a while back that Michael MacIntyre cancelled a gig when he found out he was supposed to be performing for a firm of debt-collectors. Now, to be honest I don’t find him very funny. But I did respect that he cancelled a £28K gig because he remembered all too well what it was like to be in financial difficulties. He put his integrity over his business. When I read this, I asked myself: where would I draw

Secrets To Booking A Cheaper Magician You are holding a party. You have clients, colleagues, friends you want to impress. Here’s some tips on booking a cheaper magician. Go to an online marketplace provider such as Bark. Choose the cheapest magician. Advantages: You might pay as little as £100. Disadvantages: You get somebody who only values their own abilities at that price. Not very reassuring. What do you imagine about somebody in YOUR sector charging rock bottom fees? Book a