My Party Is Too Small For A Magician!

Advice for anybody thinking of hiring a magician for a small party but worried their party is too small or that a magician won't take a one hour booking.

The famous bra trick at the conclusion of Dawn’s Private Party

My party is too small for a Magician

“My party is too small to make it worth booking a magician.” This is something you may be thinking if you are arranging a small  party for less than 20 people. Perhaps it is a special birthday but you don’t want to book a hall and invite everybody you know. Not everyone enjoys the fuss and attention of a large party. Not everybody has a budget that will stretch to a hall, buffet and DJ…let alone a magician. For many, a gentle celebration with some close family and friends is all they want to mark the occasion.

They may think that a magician won’t take a booking for less than two hours. Far too much time for a small party of, for example, 15.

So people often assume that a magician won’t be interested and so they don’t make any enquiries.

Small Party Problem

Small parties do present challenges for a magician, it is true. For example, if everybody is in one small room. When the magician begins to perform close up magic to one group, everybody else watches what happens. An inexperienced magician quickly finds they have run out of material and has to repeat tricks to guests further around the room. The problem with that is they know how it will end. It’s a bit like knowing the punchline of a joke. The element of surprise is lost.

Magic Frank: A Small Party Specialist

I believe that everybody deserves magic. So, I have made it my business to find ways to entertain people at small parties. This may because the space is small or there are only a few guests or both.

So, how do I do this?

First, as a professional magician and member of exclusive  Magic Circle, I can perform enough magic to make my way around a small room without repeating myself. So, even if some in the room watch what I do with the others, they will see something different each time.

Second, I can select the right type of magic for my audience. In most of the small parties I work at there is a range of ages. This is because they are usually for special birthdays and so the family  -children, grandchildren, grandparents- are gathered. I have the knowledge  and ability to select the right trick for each age group. That’s one way I don’t run out of material. It means that even if, in a small room, everyone watches the close up magic they can all enjoy what happens and see something different each time.

For example, the cup and ball magic I show the children is just as entertaining for the adults. Equally, the children can enjoy me reading granddad’s mind. I have written about the importance of a magician being able to entertain all ages here.

Magic Frank: The Small Party Show

The next question is: how can the magician entertain a very small party for an hour? After all, they will hardly want to take a booking for less than 60 minutes. My solution is simple. After about 30 minutes of close up magic I perform a 30 minute parlour show.

For this, I take over one end of a room. I have designed my show so that it needs very little space. In fact, it is now that having a small party comes into its own. Everybody is very close to the magic. Everybody who wants to come on the ‘stage’ has the opportunity to join in (but only those who want to. I never make any guest feel uncomfortable). You feel so close to the magic surely you will see how it’s done…but you won’t!

The magic has lots of interactivity, even for those who stay in their seats. By the end, everybody feels they have participated and are left wondering to each other how their favourite trick was done.


If you are thinking of hiring a magician for your party it is worth calling one (preferably me!) and talking about your event. It probably won’t be too small. It may well not need as much time as you think and therefore may be more affordable than you expect…especially if the magician is prepared to take an hour’s booking. This is more likely if your event is very local to the magician and/or is during an afternoon.

Magic Frank performs close up, parlour and cabaret magic across the North West. 

If you would like to amaze your guests with some top quality magic, why not contact him for a free quote.You can watch what delighted clients have said here.