The Midas Experience: Is Mind-Reading A Gift?

The Midas Experience



The Midas Experience

 “The golden touch is no blessing,” cried Midas. 


The Midas Experience is my mind-reading show. I combine astonishing mentalism with thought provoking questions about possessing extraordinary powers.

The Midas Experience takes a fresh approach to mind-reading entertainment. How? By grippping the emotions AND the intellect.

The audience witness incredible feats of mind manipulation, prediction, synchronicity and mind-reading.

Some volunteers will even explore their own psychic abilities.

But The Midas Experience is different to the average mind-reading show.

As well as being entertained, the audience are introduced to the moral, ethical and psychological implications of being ‘blessed’ with the ability to do the impossible.

The Midas Experience raises questions.


Questions like…


Would You Want to Be Able To Control People’s Choices?

If some people have highly developed psychological skills, perhaps they are manipulating our decision making.

Using some fun games, the show contains practical demonstrations of how an understanding of body language, psychology and verbal ingenuity can enable people to control us …. even when we know they are doing it.

Sounds like a wonderful advantage to have in life. But consider:

It might make trust in a relationship impossible. Would your partner ever be able to trust you entirely? Or would they wonder whether you were using your powers to manipulate them?

When you spotted a lie being told, what would your moral responsibilites be?


What’s Wrong With The Ability to Make Predictions?

The Midas Experience has several demonstrations of impossible predictions coming true.

For example, the audience create a unique number. Yet, it has been predicted in a sealed envelope. The envelope has been on display throughout the show.

So why doesn’t Frank just predict the lottery numbers, then?

Well, there would be an ethical question. Wouldn’t it amount to stealing? Wouldn’t it mean taking money away from genuine competitors?

Or, what if the glimpses into the future came unbidden?

Imagine foreseeing a terrible plane crash. There would be nothing you could do. Let’s face it, an airline is not going to cancel a flight based on your hunch.

Can you imagine the awful psychological turmoil we might experience?

And this type of thing would be happening repeatedly.

How long before, like King Midas, we would beg to have the gift removed?


What Does It FEEL Like to Possess Remarkable Powers?

Some audience members will try out their own latent gifts. This includes re-creating a famous psychic TV experiment from the 1960’s programme Chan Canasta: A Remarkable Man

There’s no guarantee that every volunteer will be successful.  But most nights during The Midas Experience at least one volunteer manages to perform the incredible.


Is Mind Reading Really A Gift?

The show comes to its climax with three volunteers attempting to break down the barriers to thought transference.

Just imagine for a moment what you could do if you could read minds.

But would you really want to know what everyone is thinking about you?

This thought-provoking show raises this and many other questions.  


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The Midas Experience is fun and packed with audience participation. For a while we forget about the world outside and immerse ourselves in a place where remarkable things happen. Then, on the way home, everyone enjoys a lively discussion about the issues it raises.

The Midas Experience is ideal for an adult party, a society lecture or corporate entertainment.

Contact me for a friendly chat about how you can provide your guests with some top-class entertainment that will engage their hearts and their minds.

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