What Did A Wedding Magician Ever Do For Us?


Wedding Magician. Astonished teenagers

Frank amazes guests of all ages.

Here are three things a wedding magician can bring to your wedding.

First, as everybody gathers for the wedding and waits for the couple to arrive, a wedding magician can perform stroll around magic. This brings families and friends together. Of course, the immediate family will almost certainly have already met. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends probably won’t have. A wedding magician can perform tricks to small groups of people. We don’t just show guests tricks, though. We engage with them. More importantly, we help them to engage with each other. We bring them together and giving them something to talk about. A perfect way to break the ice.

Second, a wedding magician can entertain your guests while the bride and groom are having the wedding photos taken. This is an important part of the wedding day. Photographers deserve to be given the time it takes to do a professional job. Unfortunately, there is usually not much for guests to do. Even worse, the couple often feel uncomfortable that their guests are being kept waiting. A wedding magician allows the couple to focus on looking great in their photos. The can relax knowing their guests are having a great time.

Third, at many weddings there is a slow period between the wedding dinner and the start of the dancing in the evening. This is an excellent time to have a wedding magician stroll around and show tricks. Keeping the guests entertained makes the waiting time seem much shorter

So, I hope you can see that there are so many ways a wedding magician can help you relax safe in the knowledge that your guests are having a fantastic time and a great day they will remember. Why not contact me for a friendly chat about how I can make your wedding day a fantastic success. Helen already has.